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Unter Begutachtung & in Arbeit

  • Conditional Clauses in Classical Armenian: Descriptive and Aspectual Problems
  • Dating Movsēs Xorenac‘i: a Linguistic Approach
  • Advantages and Limitations of the Statistic Exploration of Classical Armenian
  • Different Languages, Different Impacts: Methodological Approaches to Greek and Iranian Influences on Classical Armenian
  • Semantic Differences between Copulative and Non-Copulative Perfects in Classical Armenian
  • Multilingualism in poetry: How to translate Sayat‘-Nova?
  • The Origins of ezāfe in Old Iranian: a Re-evaluation
  • An Attempt at Explaining the Lack of ‚Middle Parthian‘ Sources
  • Early Latin Relative Clauses

Veranstaltete Konferenzen & Symposia

Konferenzbeiträge & Gastvorträge

  • ‚Armenian Manuscripts and the Digital AgeTeaching the Codex III: Decentring the Codex, Oxford, 24 October 2019. (Download, Audio)
  • ‚Dating Armenian sources: the linguistic evidence in Movsēs Xorenac‘i‘New Research in Ancient Armenia, Geneva, 1 June 2019. (Download)
  • ‚An Uncomfortable Compromise: Armenian and the τέχνη γραμματική‘, Armenia & Byzantium: Perspectives on Cultural and Political Relations, Oxford, 23 March 2019 (Download)
  • ‚The first ‚death‘ of Parthian‘, 8th International Conference on Iranian Linguistics, Yerevan, 13–15 October 2018. (Download)
  • ‚Syntactical Parallels between Classical Armenian and West Middle Iranian‘, New Research in Ancient Armenia, Geneva, 8 June 2018. (Download)
  • ‚Alignment change and changing alignments: the Armenian perfect and its Iranian model‘, Variation and Contact in the Ancient Indo-European Languages, Oxford, 18 May 2018. (Download)
  • սաթեմարգարէոքէր, ապագիտէր …: The Modal Use of the Armenian Imperfect and its Indo-European Parallels‘, 14th General Conference of the Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes, Oxford, 10 August 2017.
  • ‚Imperfective Modalities in Classical Armenian: the Case of the irrealis, Historical Linguistics of the Caucasus, Workshop on Imperfective Modalities in Caucasian Languages (IMMOCAL), Paris, 13 April 2017. (Download)
  • ‚The (Ir-)relevance of Typological Constraints in Language Contact‘, 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Naples, 1 September 2016. (Download)
  • ‚Determining Types of Historical Language Contact: a 5th-Century Case Study‘, HiSoN 2016 Historical Sociolinguistics and Socio-Cultural Change, University of Helsinki, 10 March 2016.
  • ‚Metatypy in Iranian – two cases against a typological constraint in language contact‘, TypoUlm, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, 20 November 2015. (Download)
  • ‚What’s in a word? Dating Vrt‘anēs‘ K‘ert‘oł’s Յաղագս Պատկերամարտից‘, Workshop on the ‚Treatise Concerning the Iconoclasts‘ by Vrt‘anēs K‘ert‘oł (7th c.), Oxford, 31 September 2015. (Download)
  • ‚Translating Attraction: Free Relative Clauses in Armenian‘ and ‚Relative Attraction and the ezāfe-Construction in Old Iranian‽‘, „Insufficient strength to defend its case“: Case attraction and related phenomena, Wrocław, 18–19 September 2015. (Download)
  • ‚Language Shift and Emblematicity in 5th-Century Armenia‘, 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Leiden, 2 September 2015.
  • ‚Case Attraction and NP-linking in Old Iranian‘, 6th International Conference on Iranian Linguistics, Tbilisi, 23 June 2015. (Download)
  • ‚Verbal Adjectives in PIE *-lo-: Issues in Armenian Historical Morphology and Syntax‘, 26th UCLA Indo-European Conference, Los Angeles, 24 October 2014.
  • ‚The Classical Armenian past participle: historical morphology and language contact‘, 13th General Conference of the Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes, Matenadaran, Yerevan, 9–11 October 2014.
  • ‚Borrowed Time: Iranian Superstratum Influence on the Armenian Transitive Perfect?!‘, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain, The Queen’s College, Oxford, 1–5 September 2014.
  • ‚How Greek is the Armenian Bible? – A case study in relative clause syntax‘, Armenian Studies Seminar, Oxford, 7 November 2013.

Interne Seminarvorträge und Vortragsreihen

  • ‚The Linguistics of Humour: a general introduction‘ (2019)
  • ‚Introduction to Classical Armenian Historical Linguistics‘ (2019, 7 part series)
  • ‚The art of (incomprehensible) grammar: Dionysius Thrax and the Armenian translation of the τέχνη γραμματική‘ (2018)
  • ‚It’s all relative: reconstructing relativisation strategies in PIE and its daughter languages‘ (2017)
  • ‚Irano-Armenian language contact: what we can(not) know, how, and why‘ (2017)
  • ‚Puθrəm yat̰ pourušaspahe – relative attraction and the origins of the ezāfe construction in Old Iranian‘ (2015)
  • ‚The question of „Classical“ Armenian – relative attraction and the role of Greek syntax‘ (2013)
  • ‚Proto-Indo-European Syntax‘ (2012, together with Tam Blaxter)
  • ‚Metre and poetic form in Classical Armenian‘ (2011)