Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture

Together with Prof. Theo Maarten van Lint, I curated the exhibition Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture, which was shown from October 2015 until February 2016 in the ST Lee Gallery of the Bodleian’s Weston Library.

Behind “Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture” – Dr Meyer, Prof. van Lint, Mr Manoukian, and Mr Ovenden (left to right)

The exhibition displayed about 100 exhibits, ranging from manuscripts and early printed books over objects of worship, family heirlooms, and pigments to ancient and medieval coins. Commemorating both the centenary of the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire, and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Calouste Gulbenkian Professorship in Armenian Studies, the exhibition tells the story of an ancient culture, its triumphs and troubles, and foremost: its endurance.

The catalogue we published to go with the exhibition is available from the Bodleian Library Press.

For some reactions and press coverage, have a look at the Twitter hashtag #BODArmenia.

Manual of Armenian Codicology and Palaeography

In co-operation with Dr Emilio Bonfiglio I am currently working on a digital teaching tool, which strives to explain the basics of codicology and palaeography on the basis of Armenian manuscripts held at the Bodleian Library. Our project falls under the aegis of the Digital Manuscript Toolkit initiative, kindly supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


I am currently the person responsible for the evaluation of historical data from Armenian linguistic sources in two international projects: IMMOCAL (Imperfective Modalities in Caucasian Languages; PI Gilles Authier, EPHE Paris) and Post-predicate elements in Iranian and neighbouring languages (PIs Geoffrey Haig, Bamberg, and Mohammad Rasekhmahand, Hamadan).