I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; my FHEA teaching portfolio is available to read here. A previously compiled portfolio for accreditation as an Associate Fellow can be found here.


  • Introduction to Historical Linguistics (BA)
  • Advanced Topics in Historical Linguistics (BA/MA)
  • Historical Linguistics: the Iranian languages (BA/MA)
  • Linguistic Typology (BA/MA)
  • Linguistic and pedagogical aspects of writing textbooks for ancient languages (BA/MA)
  • History of Linguistics: from Antiquity to the Middle Ages (BA/MA)
  • General Linguistics (MA)
  • Historical Corpus Linguistics (MA)

Lectures at Oxford

In the below list of lectures given in the past, largely intended for undergraduates, the following abbreviations are used: Prelims refers to the First Public Examination for students reading Linguistics (sat after 3 terms), Mods to that of those reading Classics (sat after 5 terms); Greats refers to the Second Public Examination in Classics (sat at the end of the degree, usually 4 years). These lecture are, however, also frequently attended by students reading for Master’s level qualifications in Latin and/or Greek Languages and Literature or General Linguistics and Comparative Philology.
Handouts, bibliographies, and other material may be available upon request.

  • Introduction to Historical Linguistics (Prelims)
  • Introduction to Comparative Philology (Mods)
  • Introduction to Linguistics for Classicists (Greats)
  • Linguistic Description of Greek (Greats)
  • Linguistic Description of Latin (Greats)
  • Indo-European, Greek, and Latin: Historical Phonology (Mods/Greats)
  • Indo-European, Greek, and Latin: Historical Morphology (Mods/Greats)
  • Advanced Topics in Indo-European Philology (Greats)

Tutorials at Oxford

Oxford tutorials consist of one-hour-long small group discussions (1–3 students, 1 tutor) of prepared essays (c. 2,000–2,500 words). Students base their writing on reading lists provided by the tutor, and receive written feedback.

  • Grammatical Analysis (Prelims)
  • Historical Linguistics and Comparative Philology (Mods/Greats)
  • General Linguistics and Comparative Philology (Greats)
  • Greek Historical Linguistics (Greats)
  • Latin Historical Linguistics (Greats)
  • Armenian Historical Linguistics (PG)
  • History and Structure of Latin (PG)
  • History and Structure of Armenian (PG)

Language Classes at Oxford

I used to teach Latin, Greek, and Classical Armenian at all levels, and also give reading classes in set texts, which have in the past included, inter alia: Homer, Herodotus, Lysias, Demosthenes, Libanius, Xenophon; Vergil, Cicero, Ovid, Caesar,  Sallust, Nepos.